Under the Layers

February 3, 2016

Think of an iceberg. They are huge blocks of ice that are seen above and below the water. Usually, more is below the water and we never even see that part. We only see what is in sight. The same goes with people. We only see people for how they appear. Little do we know that’s only the smallest part of the person. Just like the iceberg.

The iceberg analogy has grown and grown and more people are aware of it. The first time I learned about it was freshmen year. I learned about this analogy at a very developmental time in my life. Everything was different compared to now and I credit that to how I started to view everything. The iceberg made me think.

Going into high school I was very closed and stayed with my “group.” I didn’t do much without my two friends. The three of us always did everything together: sports, clubs, etc. Never would I have thought that I wouldn’t even be friends with them anymore. We all, slowly but surely, drifted our separate ways. It made me realize that I was holding back on things I wanted to do just because of them. I was too intimidated to truly do what I want.

Before even getting into high school, I had desires as an eighth grader. One of them I didn’t even get to until junior year though. I don’t regret anything because everything I did led up to these moments. But it wasn’t until three years later that I made the changes I wanted to make. I stopped doing certain things and I started doing some things. I gave up a lot and it wasn’t easy but now I understand how smart of a decision it was.

How do these two connect? Well, that “one” thing I never got to was wrestling. In eighth grade I would always say “I wanna wrestle! I wanna wrestle!” Mostly all my friends told me it wasn’t for girls and it was gross. Then freshmen year when the announcement for anyone interested in wrestling came on, I didn’t go. So, I went with it and just continued to play soccer. I was happy in soccer but I would go to wrestling tournaments and wish I was a part of it.

Junior year hit and I wasn’t happy anymore. I didn’t have any motivation to go out for soccer again but I didn’t want to quit playing a sport. Sure enough that announcement came on again, and I went. Just going to that meeting made me happy. Buying wrestling shoes made me happy. It was a change that I’ve always wanted and it made me happy.

There’s a lot we don’t show and we don’t even notice we’re hiding it. This was my journey to finally breaking out and showing what was under the layers. Sure enough, it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I learned more about my strengths in life and I’ve learned what it takes to last the hardest six minutes on the mat with just an opponent. It’s funny because I actually ended being somewhat decent too! In the end, a scary choice was worth it. Being able to make decisions isn’t a one-time thing too. I’m sure there are going to be many more situations where I have to dig deep and do what’s hiding on that lowest layer. Because of this experience I know that following that lowest layer will pay off. It takes a lot of brave to go against what your friends tell you because you’re daring to be your own person. But you have layers that they don’t. You have layers under the water. Think of an iceberg.

seas the day,