About the Founder

About Cammy

Speaker. Author. Founder of Brave Like Me, Inc.

From the big risks, like traveling to New York City alone, to the small risks like baking her  without burning herself, Cammy Nelson defines bravery unlike anyone else. Her desire to do away with fear has led her to take some pretty significant risks, including spreading her message to young girls in a televised segment of Twin Cities Live. In high school she was recognized as the Junior Journalist for the Dove Self-Esteem Fund and was asked to travel across the country to participate in an exclusive documentary for the major motion picture “The Women” about the definition of real beauty. After spending 3 days in the heart of a Hollywood film, she realized she needed to talk to as many young women as she possibly could and share her experiences with real beauty and bravery. Now, Cammy travels across the United States teaching girls to reconsider their definition of bravery and start noticing their strengths, both big and small.

What People Are Saying

Cammy is wonderful with being personal and relatable and I believe that’s what the audiences feed off of. Not only does she collect information from the media but she digs into her own personal life and shares her story. We don’t really think of all the messages we receive in a day and how they impact us and Cammy is able to read into them and explain how it comes across to girls. These messages have created an idealism/perfection which in reality there is no such thing. Cammy will impress you with her professionalism and perspective on how young girls are being targeted to be something they’re not and how it will impact not only their future but society’s.
Kurtis Burton, Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College
Our middle school girls loved Cammy Nelson’s presentation on body image and self-esteem. She connects with her audience immediately by sharing her story with a warmth and down-to-earth demeanor that allows kids to relate to her. Cammy powerfully reveals the tricks in media and photography that encourage self-criticism. Girls are encouraged to be themselves and love themselves for who they are. This message has had a lasting effect on our girls and our school – thank you Cammy for inspiring our girls to accept and respect themselves and each other!
Christine Ruth, Belhaven Middle School
Cammy Nelson spoke to our middle school youth about media & body image recently. Her presentation was engaging, informative and well prepared. She held our kids’ attention and got them talking about this important issue. Cammy is a talented presenter. Her passion for people of all ages to have healthy self esteem is evident when she speaks and also in all the service she has done in her community and world to help people achieve this goal.
Lisa Hawe, Director of Youth Ministries
Cammy Nelson is a superstar on the rise!! Cammy works as a featured presenter, facilitator and teen motivator for our company Girls World Expo, a national company that creates one-day self esteem events for girls ages 11-18. We can always count on Cammy to address the current issues of teen girls in an informative way without losing the lightness and inspiration girls crave. She has a profound understanding of her subject matter and is poised and intuitive beyond her years. Cammy Nelson is the leader, role model, big sister, business associate, student, teacher and friend every girls deserves to have. We highly recommend Cammy as a spokesperson, keynote, workshop facilitator…you name it! She is knowledgeable, current, organized, succinct, professional, fun and dedicated to the cause of empowering girls. We hope to continue our partnership with Cammy for years to come. Cammy is the real deal, a thought leader for the next girl generation. She doesn’t just preach it, she lives it- everyday.
Varinda Missett, Girls World Expo
I have had the pleasure of working with Cammy Nelson for the past several years, and this past fall she joined me on a speaking tour across Ontario. I have never witnessed a speaker/presenter connect with an audience and inspire and audience the way Cammy does. Her expertise when it comes to leadership, social media, and self-esteem is truly unmatched and the skills, confidence, and passion she instills in the student leaders she works with is incredible. I can’t recommend Cammy enough when it comes to having her work with student leaders. I truly feel that organizations would deeply benefit by having more female speakers and presenters present. Cammy is not only relevant, passionate, dedicated, and a total pleasure to work with, she is also one of the very best.
Kate Whitfield, Speaker, Author, Founder of FearlesslyGIRL Inc