To My Best Friend

November 21, 2016
For the past little while our lives have mainly consisted of each other and our normal routine. Guys haven’t really been a big part of that routine but I think we both know that someday they will be a part of things and there is a chance that time is coming soon. It’s exciting and also kind of scary. I get a little nervous (and I know you do, too) thinking of how things will change. I’ve gotten afraid thinking of a guy coming between us and somehow pulling us apart. I love being your closest person and it makes me a little jealous to think of someone else being that person for you. But I know I’m not meant to be your forever person in that way. That’s scary but I think it’s best. I think the best part about it is that even though someday we’ll have husbands and will be so close to those people, the way we love them does not need to change or affect the way we love each other. When I’m dating someone, you’re going to be the first person I go to to talk about what is going on. I’m going to ask you for advice. I’m going to come cry on your shoulder when he’s confusing me or has hurt my heart. I’m going call you freaking out someday because I’m in love and someone asked me to be his wife. And I’m going to be that person for you. You’ll stand beside me while I marry him. You’re going to stand beside me when I call you because marriage feels harder than it looked like it would be. I plan on having slumber parties with you for the rest of our lives. We’ll still watch Friends and drink wine. It will still be me and you. There will still be a me and him and you’ll have yours also but I can’t stop thinking about how there will still be me and you. We don’t have to change all that much. I know we will adapt and grow because that’s what healthy friendships do when you really care about each other. But I don’t think “you and I” need to change all that much.
I hope what I’m saying is true. I hope you are on the same page and feel the same thing. Thanks for being in my life. Thanks for being my person. And I hope that no matter what relationships come in the future, you continue to be my person in the same way you are right now. Know that this isn’t easy for me either, but I’m asking you as my best friend to help me be brave in this.
I love you.
– Anna