It’s Okay to Be Alone

April 6, 2016

Can you go solo to breakfast?  Can you go to the bathroom without having to take a group of girls? Are you able to go to the gym by yourself? Can you be single for more than a few months?  …..Can you be alone?


One of many people’s greatest fears is the fear of being alone. As women in this society, so many times we are deemed to be dependent on so many others than ourselves. This can come from the lack of security in ourselves. Some say it’s not okay to be single in high school, to be thirty without a ring on your finger, or to be content with just focusing on you.  We give love and we seek love but where is the love, time, and attention we are giving to ourselves?


Looking at my past and evaluating others, I’ve noticed that the fear of being alone can force us into situations of heartache and heartbreak. Maybe you find yourself staying in a relationship too long when you know it’s unhealthy or depending on someone who always lets you down. Sometimes we think it’s easier to stay in something we know is wrong for us, rather than face the fear of the unknown; the fear of being alone.


My struggle with being completely content with myself has come from my lack of self-love and self-worth. Looking back, I can only remember a few times where I was truly taking time to just focus on me without any “distractions.” Moving to a new state full of strangers on the other side of the country was a huge breakthrough for my fear of being alone. Leaving an ex, my family, friends, and school, couldn’t have made me more vulnerable but doing this made me more content and confident with who I am today.


To any one who struggled with love, acceptance of self, and knowing your self-worth, this could be a fear you struggled with as well. Like many healthy relationships, it’s important to spend time together. This is no different with the relationship with yourself. Are you sending time with you?


Read a book, go on a hike, head to the gym, take a walk, head to the movies, take a bubble bath, spend time in prayer, and do it all by yourself. I promise that growth, contentment, and self love will happen; you may learn a few things about yourself too.


It’s okay to be alone and completely content. It’s okay to be you.


Be brave,