Dear Mama,

January 12, 2024

Dear future me,

I’m so proud of you. You’ve overcome battles I know not of. I can’t imagine all you’ve been through this year. The tears you’ve cried, the tears you’ve calmed, the showers you’ve found a new appreciation for, the quiet moments you celebrate, and the small wins that feel lifesaving. I’m proud of you.

I can only dream of her right now, but she picked us to be her Mom for a reason. She’s strong, sweet, silly, and wiggly because of us. She’s probably stubborn because of you, us. She’s growing faster than either of us wants her to. The pregnancy I’m living in today probably seems like another lifetime to you. Still, I’m proud of us.

Through all the changes, the physical pains, the personal growth, and the learning curve of becoming parents, I hope you’ve gained a new appreciation for your husband and fallen more in love with him as a Dad. I hope your new title feels a little less foreign and a lot more natural. I hope you’ve found community in the most surprising places and I hope you’re writing it down. The memories, the silly stories, the moments of massive vulnerability; whatever it is, I hope you’re writing it down.

I wish I could meet you before she arrives, but you don’t exist without her. If we could talk, I’m sure you’d tell me it’s harder than I think it’s going to be and even more magical than I can fathom. I can’t believe I get to become you – and I haven’t even met you yet. I should probably remind you to be kind to yourself. Despite the time and the changes looming on the horizon, you’re still me. And we both need that reminder.

So here’s my message for you: she’s safe, she’s loved, and she’s happy. That’s what matters most. You don’t need to be perfect. You’re already enough. I’m proud of you, I love you, and, together, we’re going to raise a wonderful little girl.

Love, Me

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