Dating with Bravery

December 7, 2016
Dating is weird. It’s hard and complicated and if you’re like me, it makes you a little nervous. I’ve been single for the last 6 years. (I’m still young but that statement makes me feel ancient haha) I’ve been on a few dates here and there but the only guy I’ve officially dated was my high school boyfriend. It was an intense relationship that was exciting but also really unhealthy in a lot of ways. Side note: If you are in an unhealthy relationship it takes SO much bravery to get out of it, but it’s so worth it and I promise you will have the strength. Feel free to email me at if you need any support when it comes to tough breakups because I’ve been there.
My dating life, and all of ours, takes bravery at every stage. I think if you don’t date, it can take so much bravery to be single and to be at peace with that. It takes bravery to be willing to go on dates when you feel like your heart is closed off and has been hurt. It takes bravery to commit to someone. It takes bravery to stay with someone. So as nerve-wracking but also exciting and fun dating is, it takes insane amounts of bravery. I’ve been in all of the above stages of life that I listed and I’m currently starting a new phase, I think. I’m learning to be brave with my heart in a way I haven’t been in years. I’m in the beginning stages of caring about someone right now and while most of it feels exciting, I also keep thinking back to past hurts and wondering if I’ll be betrayed again. My first reaction in those moments is to assume this boy will treat me like the last, but I know I need to move forward with the hopes of what things can be. That doesn’t mean being totally naive and being blind to reading the signs, but it does mean letting someone care for me without assuming they are out to hurt me.
As I start opening up, I’m seeing ways that my heart has healed over the last few years and that is super encouraging. Stepping into a new phase of life can be hard but it’s also really good and healthy. Life will inevitably change over time even though sometimes we wish we could just forever hold onto the way things are. In my life, changes are currently happening. Whether it be in my relationships, in my dreams, in my daily life, things are changing a lot. I’m choosing to step into all of it because I think the way life unfolds is going to be so beautiful. There will be hard parts that come with change, but also there will be really really good parts. It’s worth the discomfort and worth stretching myself. So wherever your life is at when it comes to dating or really whatever changes you are facing ahead, step into them being brave and with excitement for the future. And be proud of yourself wherever you’re at because being a girl comes with major challenges but also major rewards.
<3 AM