5 Simple Steps To Crush Your Goals!

January 12, 2019

The holidays are officially behind us and we are well on our way into the new year! Happy 2019!
How many of you created a new years resolution? I imagine it sounded something like this..
– Exercise more
– Lose weight
– Eat more healthily
– Take a more active approach to health
– Learn something new
– Spend more time on well-being
– Drink less alcohol
If you can see yourself in one of these resolutions, I want to cheer you on and let you know this change is absolutely possible for you! You CAN make this change. We just need to work on a little something as you shift into this new habit.

If you’re only a week into this new year and you already feel like giving up – don’t! You’ve done that too many times before and you deserve more than that. Instead of criticizing yourself for falling off track, try taking a new approach. Together, we can get you to that end goal you crave for yourself. As a coach, I’m here to support you and your goals! As a human, I know it’s not always easy to make changes. I’ve had to make changes in my own life to be where I am today. I’ve learned how to do it and I want to help you do the same.

Let’s start with step one…

1. Clarify your goal. 
“Exercise more”, “lose weight”, “spend more time on well-being”… it all sounds great but, frankly, it doesn’t mean anything. Let’s work on that thing called clarity!
If you’re saying you want to exercise more, what type of exercise do you want to do more of? Why? What’s the greater goal behind this? Are you wanting to exercise for the chemical release, for weight loss, for improved health, for more stamina.. WHY are you doing this? What type of exercise do you want to do more of?  How are you going to make this happen?

No, this does not mean you have to spend more money by joining a gym. Get creative. If you have access to the internet, you have access to SO many videos on YouTube that can take you from novice to expert. Go to the library and learn the basics about fitness. Start where you are with what you have. Don’t have a large weight system? Use books. Use bottles. Use cases of pop. Weight does not always have to take the form of free weights.

You live in a culture that has inundated you with messaging around physical fitness, weight loss, appearance, “health”, and beauty. There’s a lot of money to be made there, but you don’t have to fall for it. Take a look around your home and your neighborhood. Walking into a gym to see all the equipment can be intimidating. Start where you are. If you strip yourself of the fallacies, you will soon discover the reality: you are capable of all you can imagine. 

Let’s move on to step two.

2. Give it 21 days. 
Radically changing your entire life isn’t going to happen overnight. Changing an old habit is the same way. You have to give yourself time to get used to a new normal. Think of yourself as a baby in these new habits you’re building. Maybe a more relatable analogy would be to think of yourself as a puppy or a kitten. Pick whatever you’re most familiar with and frame yourself in the same way.

When that little being comes into your life, you’re watching every single move they make. Constantly checking in on safety, health, strength, and growth. It happens OVER TIME, not overnight. Be gentle with yourself and know that it really does take 21 days to build a new habit. That’s no joke. The hard part is the middle. At the beginning, you’re excited about the potential of what’s to come and the new things you’re going to be able to do. Soon enough, the novelty wears off. You begin to get worn out, tired, and frustrated by the difficulty of the process. At this point, you’re going to be incredibly tempted to fall back into what you already know how to do – how to live. This is when you need to fight through and commit the most. Why?

Because you deserve to know what it’s like to make it to the other side. YOU DESERVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU’RE CAPABLE OF. If I could grab your shoulders and shake you right now, I would. YOU ARE CAPABLE. You have to believe that. Sometimes, the only way to begin believing that is by fighting through the muck that tries to convince you otherwise.

21 days. That’s all it takes to build a new habit. You’ve already given too many days to the habit you want to change. You can do it! I’m here to help! Email me, find me on Instagram (@bravegirlcam), add me on Facebook. Together, we can get you to the other side.

3. Pick 1 thing at a time.
This might seem obvious, but your success is dependent upon your ability to manage one thing at a time. Perceived failure frequently stems from trying to tackle too much at the same time. Think about that in other areas of your life – how do you feel when you have too many balls in the air at once? Are you a pleasant person to be around? Do you feel happy and excited, or stressed out and overwhelmed?

Nothing good happens when you stretch yourself too thin. Stress weakens your immune system and creativity stalls out completely when you feel overwhelmed or confused. That is the opposite of what you want when creating a new lifestyle for yourself or reaching a new goal. Pick one thing at a time. You’ll have time to add new things when your current goal is completed or becomes your new normal.

This is the added benefit of clarity in goal setting. When you’re specific and clear, you know exactly what you want to focus on. Start now. Pick 1 very specific thing you want to work towards and take small steps toward that vision. One step at a time and you’ll change your life. One day at a time. That’s the only way we get to experience life – one day, one moment at a time. It really is in our best interest to do one thing at a time. That’s the most efficient way for our brain to function.

– Add one more day of exercise to your week.
– Focus on taking control of one meal each day to begin eating more nutritiously.
– Drink one more glass of water when you wake up in the morning.
– Set a timer on your phone to cut back on social media.
– Place the phone across on the other side of the room so you’ll put it down and go to sleep.
– Refill the water bottle on your desk so you don’t feel the need to drink another cup of coffee.
– Get up and go for a five minute walk at 2:30 instead of eating a sweet treat or drinking caffeine.
– Get up one hour earlier to incorporate more exercise or journal or meditate or practice yoga or set your intentions for the day
– Place the book right on your pillow so you will read before bed instead of constantly scrolling.
– Go to a library or coffee shop to begin writing that book you wanted to write

Focus on one small change you can make to create the habit you WANT in your life instead of living life on autopilot. Bring a sense of living back into your life by shaking it up.

4. P-L-A-N
Now, it’s time to dig into the plan for success. How are you going to begin pursuing this goal? Who is your support network? In moments of frustration or doubt who will you turn to? Who is going to hold you accountable to what you say? Who are you going to celebrate the small victories with?  What will it feel like to succeed? How are you going to create time in your week to accomplish this goal? What needs to take priority in the journey? What are you going to do each day to remind you of why you’re doing this?

– Identify steps 1 -5
– Then break it down to step 1A through 5C
– Consider what could get in your way and prepare
– Create the vision of the finish line so clearly in your mind you can almost feel it in front of you
– Put your mind to work and invest your energy in creating the vision (Instead of constantly planning for the worst possible outcome)

What  can you delegate to make this a priority?  What, and to whom, do you to need to communicate to make this goal a reality? Does your internal monologue need to change?  I know is sounds cliche, but failing to plan is planning to fail.  It might seem scary to tell people what you want to do, but you’re so much more likely to follow-through when you have people checking in on you. Frankly, the actions you choose to take around your goals will tell you everything you need to know about whether or not it’s going to happen.

Do nothing different – expect the same result. How badly do you want to reach your goal? 

You must be willing to sacrifice the comfort in which you currently live to reach the goal you desire. 
And you know what? You deserve to reach that goal. It was placed in your heart for a reason and the only person you’re hurting by repeatedly giving up is yourself.  You do not have to continue on that road.

Set a goal. Make a plan. Show up for yourself.

The final step… after you’ve prepared and gained clarity, shared your vision with those who will support you and planned for the bumps in the road….

The final step:


This step can be the most exciting and the most terrifying. Why try again when you’ve already felt yourself fall off track so many times before? Because, now, you’re wiser. Not because of this blog I’ve been sending (though I do hope it helps), but because you know what doesn’t work. You know, better than anyone else, what those thoughts of doubt sound like and the feeling of wanting to give in. You know how you operate. It’s up to you to carry that knowledge with you and turn it into your strength. This time, you say no to doubt. When you want to give in, you push harder. This time, you turn to your plan and open yourself up to the opportunity to grow. This time, you have people on your side who you can lean on for support. This time, you know WHY you’re doing this. This is a revolution in the way you’re approaching a goal. This time it’s going to be different.


Because you’re not going to give up. This time, you’re going to keep going. This time you’re going to listen to the voice inside you that says “I want this because…” instead of the voice trying to keep you where you are.  This is about taking control of your days; it’s about taking your goals from words on a piece of paper to the reality you’re living. This is about looking fear in the face and saying “you’re not going to win this time”. The people you want around you will be there to support. Those who are frightened by your newfound ability to take control of this life will fall away. For that you can be grateful. You deserve to see yourself cross that finish line.

To get there, you have to start.

Start today. Start now. Start with your thoughts. Start with step1 of your plan and take it one at a time. Meet each new day with the conviction that you will win that day and you will. Do not expect perfection – expect growth. Be as kind as you possibly can to yourself then give yourself a little bit more. Don’t worry about those ahead of you or behind you. Stay in your lane and you will reach your destination.  Take time to rest, recover, relax, and then return to the process. Whatever you do, DO NOT GIVE UP.

Believe in yourself. You got this.

I’d love to hear from you! What’s your goal? What’s your step 1?

Be Brave,

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